What are hard enamel pin badges?

Posted on: 30 October, 2017 ML News


Hard enamel badges can be produced in either steel or brass base metal depending on your budget.

The stamped metal is then electroplated in a choice of numerous finishes.

The enamel colours are infilled by hand, allowed to set and then this process is repeated several times until the enamel is at the highest level possible. The pin badge is then hand polished leaving a smooth flat surface and enhanced colour definition.

Custom Hard Enamel Badge

Hard Enamel Pin Badge

What about the technical stuff?

Different enamel colours need to be separated by a metal dye line of a minimum of 0.2mm thickness.


Hard Enamel VS Soft Enamel

Hard enamel pins are smooth and flat, soft enamel badges have a slightly recessed area which is clearly seen unless you put epoxy on top.

The surface is completely smooth and flat giving a high end jewellery finish.

So if you are looking for more definition and raised die lines within your design, choose our soft enamel process.

Hard enamel is also a very high quality finish, achieving excellent colour and detail within a design, hence why it’s so popular for recognition and award badge projects.

Finally, do not confuse Hard Enamel with vitreous Hard Enamel, fine glass powder is mixed in the enamel & baked in high temperature ovens & when cooled hardens leaving a hard wearing ‘glass’ like finish.

How do I order a custom hard enamel badge?

Simply email your design to one of our team for a quote, with your quantity & size and we will be happy to help, or click on ‘First Contact – Get a Quote’ on the web nav bar & follow the instructions/guidelines.

We also include extra’s such as glitter and alternative fixing’s too.


Martin Boskett