Mirfield Art Festival 2017

Posted on: 22 July, 2017 ML News

Have you heard of Mirfield Arts Festival?

If not – you’re missing out! It’s a huge annual event held in Mirfield Town Centre each year, this year the event was held on July 14th – 16th.

Mirfield Arts Festival celebrates all things creative in the town and beyond and this year a special Star Trek theme was incorporated to honour Mirfield’s own Sir Patrick Stewart (or as you might know him in the films Captain Jean-Luc Picard).

There were so many exciting things going on this year, including an art trail, a pop-up sculpture park, a heritage display and much more to get your artistic juices flowing.

We’re a proud Mirfield-based business, so of course, we attend the festival each year to see what the people of the town have put together.

We particularly liked how this year the festival brought together all ages and encouraged them to express themselves in artistic ways.

It was also an opportunity for local musicians and performers to have a platform to showcase their talents to the community – which we thought was great.


This year, in particular, the festival really let the participants’ imagination take flight, especially with the huge butterfly wings that a parade of townsfolk made and wore especially for the festival.

Having had such a strong appreciation for the festival for many years, of course, we were thrilled when this year our products were featured as a part of the festival itself!

We were delighted when Jenny Tomlinson approached us and asked if we would like to support the festival in any way, and with the theme being Star Trek what better way to offer replica badges as a free donation to the event. We were delighted to help Mirfield Arts Festival and what better way to show off our products as an example of local talent.

They went down a treat with the festival-goers, who were excited by the accuracy of the design compared to the original Star Trek badges.

Our products were such a hit we were even featured in an article in the Huddersfield Examiner about the event!

As well as being a proud Mirfield company, we also take pride in doing things a bit differently to other companies and taking a creative approach with all that we do.

We love Mirfield Arts Festival so much as it combines those two things perfectly – and we’re already excited about getting involved again next year, along with all the other exciting events we have planned over the next few months.

You can read the Huddersfield Examiner story about the festival here (link) and learn a bit more about the event, keep an eye out for our badges in the video too.

The only way to keep up-to-date with all the events we’re a part of is by staying tuned to our blog – so watch this space!


Martin Boskett