National Sports Week 26th – 30th June

Posted on: 23 June, 2017 ML News

National Sports Week is a celebration of everything that is great about being a part of a sport. This week gives everyone a chance to be involved – whether through traditional sports such as football, hockey or rugby, or in alternative activities such as rowing, martial arts, and horse riding.

Being active is key to living a healthy lifestyle and being a part of a sport offers the chance to feel a part of a community of fellow sportspeople that have similar interests to you.

National Sports Week started in 2008 and last year it involved over 5000 schools and 1.8 million pupils took part – if you are part of a school and want to take part; you could go the extra mile by having badges ordered so your pupils can show off what sports they take part in.

Show your dedication towards what you love by having a badge/pin/coin to show off to others what your interests are as we have a range of ML badges to suit your hobby.

Here are a few examples below of the types of sports badges/coins that we offer:

Sports Person of the Year


Being a part of a sport can be tough as it requires giving up your time and money to play a sport every week. So, this National Sports Week why not reward yourself for all the effort you have put in over the year by buying this medal.


Player of the Month

medal coin sports school

Are you a team captain or coach and want to celebrate one of your member’s hard work for their dedication to the sport, why not offer them a player of the month award.



fitness badge sports schools medal coin

If you aren’t part of a sports team but love going to the gym, you won’t be left out, as we offer a fitness badge. This unique badge includes a picture of a weight, a heart and heartbeat all specially designed into one badge.



netball sportrs school badge coin medal

Do you have a passion for Netball? If you are passionate about this sport why not get a badge or coin that you can keep forever. The badge offers a detailed ball going through the net, so you’ve always got a good motivator to score those goals.


Outdoor Club

school badges outdoor club

If you enjoy being at one with nature and going on tranquil walks in the countryside, we have the perfect badge for you with our Outdoor Club badge. Whether you want to purchase one for yourself or a friend, to remind them about their enjoyment of a calming stroll outdoors within the quiet abyss of trees and wildlife, get them a badge to celebrate what they love to do.




Are you a football fanatic? Whether you take part in the sport, love watching it on the TV, or even like going to watch the game at your local stadium –  you can still enjoy National Sports Week by showing your interest in a sport by purchasing a Football badge.

If you’re getting sporty this National Sports Week, we wish you or your team the very best of luck! We have a range of sports related badges on offer, so if you want to see more badges head over to our online shop!