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For the 'techno's'

  • Traditional enamel badges require a die line that separates each enamel colour from one another. There is a minimum line thickness of 0.2mm at reproduction size but can be thicker to enhance or reflect your design if required.

  • Colours are matched to the pantone matching system apart from our Offset Litho process which uses traditional CMYK printing. 

  • Hard enamel process colours can not be matched to the pantone system.

  • For small reproduction of wording, serif fonts should be avoided within the design.

  • Over 19 electroplated quality finishes to choose from.

  • Most badges come with a standard clutch or safety fixing however we can offer alternatives:
    • Superior Ballou fixings
    • Rubber clutch
    • Top hat fixing
    • Sombrero magnet fixing
    • Magnet fixing
    • Bendy prong
    • 3M Self adhesive
    • Post fixings
    • & more- please do ask.

Die tool/mould charges

Some badge companies seem to show no die or mould charges- BEWARE this essential first stage of production has to be created by the toolmaker at a cost. If these charges are not shown in your quote then badge companies are building the price of this into the unit cost. This is deceiving you the customer and means you pay this one off charge all over again on any repeat order.

Here at ML this separate charge is clearly shown at initial quote stage. Our tools and moulds are kept for a period of 3 years with a re-order, if you order just before 3 years it is another 3 years carried on hence why you may never pay this again. Plates are kept for a period of 2 years between orders. If no order is placed in the 2 or 3 year time frame then the tool/moulds/plates are recycled.

Did you know, you can use the same tool/mould to make your second design look completely different, change the enamel colours to create a new design or simply choose a different electroplating. Only when size/thickness or detailing changes do you then need another tool/mould etc.