Our mascot Bella taking in the fresh air in Howarth, England


All along our supply chain internationally recognised standards of both social and environmental responsibility are respected.

This is also consistent with our own policy for the ethical and sustainable management of our operations.

Martin Boskett – Founder & CEO

Our commitment to reducing our footprint –

In direct response to many customers’ requests for a fully biodegradable polybag allied to our own growing concerns of millions of badges, key rings, medals and coins etc. packed individually in our standard plastic bags, the decision was made to develop an alternative – The result, an attractive, slightly opaque in appearance bag supported by three independent test certifications (See Below).

All products can be seen including backing cards, three small logos are printed on the reverse of every BioBag© independently confirming the bag is Compostable, Recyclable and Biodegradable so the end user can dispose of the bags responsibly.

Should you wish to opt-out and use our standard plastic polybags, simply remove the ticked box in the ‘Build Your Product’ section or let a member of our team know via our Contact Page, online chat, email, or over the phone.

100% Certified Factories for your piece of mind